On a bright Winter’s day at a secret racetrack north of Sydney Australia, RØDE Founder & Chairman Peter Freedman AM put the first privately-owned Nissan Nismo GTR in Australia through its paces. The result was captured by the RØDE production team using an array of RØDE Microphones.
1. NT6 - The cardioid pickup pattern is used to steer the pickup toward the front of the engine, with the ‘sharper’ sound of the belts and other moving mechanical parts. The mic was taped to the Air filter box, to make sure it was on a surface that would not get too hot for the tape while the car was at operating temp.
2. NT6 - Mounted above the car’s front suspension mounts, to pick up more of the fundamental ‘note’ of the engine, with a more rounded sound than the aggressive front of the engine.
3. Lavalier - A miniature diaphragm, omnidirectional lavalier microphone was mounted on the left air filter box, right in front of the blow off valve to capture the sound of its pressure release.
1. NT6 – The NT6 was chosen for the in-cab microphone to pick up the sound from the driver’s position. The mic was mounted in the passenger visor, mounted on-axis with the driver’s position.
1. M1 – The RØDE M1 dynamic mic was chosen for its directional characteristics and high SPL handling. The mic was mounted just below the trunk, between the two exhaust pipes.
2. Reporter – The car has two loud exhaust pipes, so the RØDE Reporter was chosen. It has a very high SPL handling capability, and an omnidirectional polar pattern, perfect to capture both exhaust pipes without overloading the recorder.
3. Lavalier - The lavalier was chosen for its high SPL handling, omnidirectional pattern, and sound signature. It was mounted in the same position as the Reporter mic.
4. Blimp - Due to high wind speeds, All rear external microphones were mounted on the blimp rail, then wrapped in two RØDE Dead Wombats. The entire assembly was then placed within a RØDE blimp housing, and an additional deadwombat furry was placed around the outside, providing an extremely high level of wind protection.
Recorded over 40 laps of the 6.7km track, the taut roar of the Nismo’s Twin-Turbo V6 engine is captured trough every stage – the downshifted chicanes, torque-pulling corners and redlined straights.

Episode 1: RØDE Racing Pro Set-up

With an arsenal of RØDE mics, check out how we mic’d up and captured the full breadth of the Nismo GTR, from the engine bay to exhaust.

Episode 2: RØDE Racing iPhone Setup

Using only 3 iPhones and 3 SmartLav+s, we show how to create a fully portable recording rig for capturing car audio.

Episode 3: Three Things You Should Know

Covers the essential considerations when recording performance racing.

Episode 4: Hot Lap!

Strap in for a complete lap of the RØDE Racetrack and experience the Nismo GTR in full roar.